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Prix de vente€432,60

Aeratron FR3 tri blade light timber white canopy
AERATRON Série FR3 Prix de vente€432,60
FLÜGEL tri-lame (3)
GRÖSSEN 109 cm 126 cm 152 cm
LUFTSTROM NIEDRIGE/HOHE GESCHWINDIGKEIT (M3/MIN) 137,2/113,2 51,5/156,3 82,6/215,8
WIRKUNGSGRAD (M3/MIN/WATT) 9.6 10.7 13.7
LÜFTERHÖHE 27,5 cm 27,5 cm 27,5 cm
DREHZAHL/MINUTE (MIN/MAX) 61/181 60/180 56/152
ABMESSUNGEN DER BOX 25.2 x 14.5 x 12 * *
ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2024 * *
KLASSIFIZIERUNG Feuchtigkeit * *

Déclaration silencieuse pour votre maison


Les ventilateurs de plafond Aerotron sont 6 fois plus silencieux que les ventilateurs de plafond classiques – et plus de 15 décibels plus silencieux que notre concurrent direct. Nous attirons l'attention sur nous avec notre performance et ne perturbons pas votre concentration. Notre système d'auto-équilibrage breveté, développé en Suisse, maintient les pales dans un équilibre aérodynamique stable et empêche les oscillations déséquilibrées des ventilateurs de plafond conventionnels.

*Perception sonore de l'AE+3 à vitesse moyenne par rapport aux ventilateurs de plafond classiques

Grand potentiel d'économies


Économisez sur la climatisation en été et sur le chauffage en hiver ! Maximisez l’efficacité de votre système de chauffage en faisant circuler l’air plus chaud du plafond vers la pièce grâce à notre fonction hiver. Profitez des mêmes économies en été, lorsque nos pales bidimensionnelles et tridimensionnelles évacuent l'air chaud afin que vous puissiez éteindre la climatisation plus tôt - ou l'éviter complètement.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Quiet Beauty

Although we struggled to install it, aeratron customer service patiently guided us while we got our fan up and running. It's a beauty in person and the perfect size.

Jerry I
Best looking and performing fan, period.

I built a custom home and literally looked at every fan that exists and for a modern home this was by far the best from a design perspective which was my primary focus. But it was even more awesome when I saw how silent the fan operated, the innovative remote control, the multiple speeds from slow to insane, and a tiny light that is bright enough to light up the room. I am so proud of myself for finding this fan! 😆

Great fan & excellent service!

This fan is incredibly quiet, so much so that the only sound we hear is from the wind created by the fan, even while sitting directly under it! It also takes very little power to run. We purchased it mainly because we are off-grid (solar power only). It pushes a lot of air around too! It has made an amazing difference in our comfort level. We love this fan!

We did have an issue with the remote initially though. It stopped working after a couple of weeks. We contacted Scott who sold us the fan. He has been very prompt at responding to our inquiries and, after a bit of troubleshooting over the phone, he mailed us a new, upgraded remote with a new electronic unit (just to be sure it would work properly) that same day. We received the replacement fairly promptly (we are in Canada & it was shipped from the U.S.). The fan now works perfectly.

One note of caution only for those who are off-grid: our electrician explained that, as there can be fluctuations in the voltage due to battery usage when off-grid, it can affect sensitive electronics. An upgraded wifi chip that was sent to us did not work for that reason and even stopped the whole unit from functioning. Once the chip was removed, the unit functioned properly.

Amandeep Saini
Amazing product, even better customer service!

Bought the FR3 a few weeks back and it was extremely easy to install. So elegantly designed. The motor is virtually silent and the air circulation is beyond expectations. Definitely would recommend. Had a few questions during install and the team at Aeratron was quick to help and respond! Will def consider for future rooms!

Mehdi B
Awesome Fan , Awesome Customer Service

This fan is truly a work of art, and the support staff goes above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied. I truly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an elegant fan.